Heart of Hospitality

All your hospitality ideas, questions, and planning are in one place. Jam-packed with decorating tips, recipes, etiquette need-to-knows, styling tips, and so much more! Bringing you the very best, so you can give the very best to your guests. Don't miss an issue - available for digital download now! Get your yearly subscription at 50% off the cover price when you order today! $21.99/yearly for your digital subscription.


Empowered Magazine

New! Bringing practical life skills to women for any situation including daily living, emergency preparedness, self-sufficiency, and so much more. Step-by-step instructions in each area, as well as beautiful color images. Order your digital subscription now for $29.99/year, or you can order an individual hard copy for $12 and have it sent right to your door. Don’t forget back issues!


Just the Basics

This is not your typical Emily Post information! Our etiquette book will give you the inside information on how to act, behave, and respond in any situation. Whether you are at work, on vacation, at a dinner party, or in the dating world, everyone needs a little help now and again to bring their very best! Available in digital for $10 or print for $12.59 (plus shipping).



The curriculum teaching guides are here to help you with your Mon Ami Ministry program, Mon Ami Young Ladies, and Tickled Pink. These guides will help you get your program started as well as give you all the inside information you need for a successful launch. Get your copy today, $50 plus shipping.



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Finally, a men's magazine devoted to all facets of lifestyle like you have never seen before. This publication will address the hard questions for lifestyle choices for men in family, work, community, and much more. COMING SOON!

Business Women

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Women are a powerful force in the business world and have been establishing their entrepreneurial prowess for over 100 years. Packed full of women entrepreneur interviews, business advice for women, style advice, how to further your career, Q & A's from successful women around the world, and so much more, you won't want to miss an issue! Just for women, this is the publication you won't be able to put down!